Can You Follow Your Waste Stream

Environmental regulations can be confusing. Let ALX Industries, LLC direct your business in a language that you can understand


Spent Photographic Chemicals & Film Disposal
Our specialty is recycling x-ray film and providing the spent photographic chemicals disposal and refining while following all DEQ and EPA regulations.


Following the development of the x-ray film, the spent photographic chemicals require proper disposal and refining due to its silver concentration.  The refining process is known as precious metals reclamation or in general terms silver recovery.  By properly capturing this waste and sending it offsite for refining, companies are able to recover significant amounts of silver for economic and environmental benefits.


Cradle-to-Grave Waste Stream Compliance
Industrial and hazardous waste generators are responsible for the waste they generate until final disposal, the cradle to grave responsibility.  Correct and timely compliance with the regulations set forth by federal and state provisions safeguard the environment and people.


NDT Waste Regulatory Consulting
ALX Industries LLC will identify the Non Destructive Testing (NDT) related waste stream, provide direction for waste management, and guide you through your state specific generator requirements.  

  • Generator status
  • State notifications
  • Records management
  • Reporting requirements
  • Annual fees
  • Waste determinations
  • Waste minimization
  • Onsite storage