Got film?


Recycle your film for cash with ALX Industries, LLC.  ALX provides precious metals recovery from the following silver bearing waste streams; spent photographic chemicals, lithographic film, medical film, and industrial x-ray film generated by the nondestructive testing (NDT), medical, and printing industries.  


Due to the presence of silver, selling your film for silver recovery and recycling is a great way to reduce your waste management costs.  In addition to the value, it is the proper way to manage your photographic waste.  Film is considered a regulated waste due to the characteristic hazard, silver, and must be properly disposed of according to the regulations enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Why sell and recycle your film with ALX?

  • We pay more.  We will give you the best return on your film sales.
  • Quality service.  It’s our prerogative to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.
  • Cradle to grave tracking.  When you allow ALX to manage your waste – you can rest assured that it’s being done properly and everything is tracked according to regulation.


Contact us today to learn how we will help reduce your waste management costs.


This blog post should not be used in place of federal and state regulatory compliance.  Visit the EPA website or reach out to your local state department of environmental quality to seek additional guidance.