How do I minimize waste management costs?


As we become increasingly aware of our effects on the environment, along with the increased regulatory compliance, it’s essential to properly manage your waste streams.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has imposed regulatory laws to ensure wastes are managed correctly.  And as you know, quality management comes at a cost! 


Below are some tips on how you can keep your costs as low as possible when it comes to your waste management methods. 


Aerosol Cans:  Purchasing a can puncturing system allows you to avoid the hefty cost of a third party providing the puncturing service for you.  Also, the cans will then be shipped as nonhazardous which can reduce your regulatory burden and hazardous waste generator requirements, such as fees.  Ultimately, the can puncturing system will pay for itself.


Industrial X-Ray Film:  Collect your industrial x-ray film and recycle it for cash.  Keeping inventory and properly tracking your film will allow you to offset your overhead by receiving payment for your film.


Spent Photographic Chemistry:  The spent photographic chemistry is subject to precious metals recovery prior to proper disposal.  Ensuring that your spent photographic fix is completely segregated from the rest of the photographic waste stream will ensure optimum silver recovery. 


Universal Wastes:   Universal wastes are considered hazardous to the environment.  By recycling your hazardous waste(s) – you can reduce your regulatory requirements, along with state fees that are due as a result of being a hazardous waste generator.


ALX Industries, LLC provides servicing of all the waste streams listed above, including the onsite collection containers and labeling needs.  Our clients reduce their waste management costs by utilizing us for all of their NDT waste streams. 

Give us call to properly and efficiently manage your wastes!


This blog post should not be used in place of federal and state regulatory compliance.  Visit the EPA website or reach out to your local state department of environmental quality to seek additional guidance.