ALX INDUSTRIES LLC is regarded as the leading provider in the area of silver recovery, NDT waste management, spent photographic chemicals disposal, and lithographic and x-ray film recycling.  In addition to the needs of the NDT industry, ALX INDUSTRIES LLC has crossed over into servicing the medical and printing industry as well.  ALX INDUSTRIES LLC proudly services more than 32 companies with 128 locations across nine states and the foot print continues to grow (click on our map below to see where we are).  


  • Spent photographic chemicals refinement and disposal
  • Medical x-ray film recycling
  • Industrial x-ray film recycling
  • Lithographic film recycling
  • Full service film purging
  • Onsite silver recovery
  • Offsite silver recovery
  • Cradle to grave waste stream compliance
  • NDT waste regulatory consulting
  • Industrial waste stream management
  • Hazardous waste stream management
  • Universal waste management
  • Waste management containers and labeling


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