To charge or not to charge?

Blog.3“I want to create a business that doesn’t make money!” – said no one ever.  Let’s face it every business is created with the intent of generating revenue.  The truth is – we are all selling something.  But the real question: Do we understand how our products and services effect the environment? 


All answers point to “no”.  We as a society do not think enough about our environment.  Working in waste management especially, you see the end of the road for many waste streams.  Unfortunately, the majority of wastes are not handled properly, due to a general lack of knowledge, a lack of caring, and of course, the financial obligations for environmental compliance.  All of these factors are working against us.  To fix all three, one approach is to hit ‘em where it hurts!  The idea is to bring about awareness by assigning a cost to it, an environmental surcharge.  Not to be confused with a government tax or a revenue incentive. 


An environmental surcharge would represent the allocation of company-wide costs incurred while remaining compliant according to the regulations enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  After all, isn’t that what this world is screaming for – becoming more eco-friendly?!  Including this line item in your quotes, proposals, or invoices send several messages loud and clear.

  1. We are accountable for the wastes we generate and dispose of.
  2. We understand the environmental impact of our products and services.
  3. Our HSEQ department is ensuring our activities are EPA compliant.
  4. Our social responsibility is more than a tag line and a link on our website.


Not only is this important for the allocation of costs, but for a paradigm shift in the proper management and disposal of wastes.